Making Farming Intelligent

FMEC Group UK provides modern solutions that help agricultural businesses to reach targets and manage operations more efficiently. Our digital solutions create a simple platform for the end-user, delivering greater efficiencies and cost savings across all farming operations.

Who Are FMEC Group UK?

FMEC group UK was established in November 2020 as a start-up born from the technology branch of our parent company FMEC GROUP. With FMEC groups delivering project management, agricultural management and technological support on large scale agricultural projects across the globe, FMEC Group UK LTD was set up to provide a platform for agricultural technology to grow and be scrutinised in one of the most reputable agricultural industries in the world. UK farming is often looked on by the rest of the world for their high welfare and environmental standards as well as being recognised for working practices and the embrace of agricultural technology.


Driving Farming Efficiency With Technology

FMEC UK have been working with some of the largest agricultural companies in the country as well as bringing on board smaller, diverse agricultural enterprises and farming businesses. We actively seek to promote the use of efficient technology only when it is of benefit to the end user. We strongly believe you should be the owner of your own data and we provide you with the tools and service to achieve that.

Digital Solutions

Precision farming practices and cutting-edge technology is at the heart of what we do. The FMS platform will allow the most advanced link between accounting software, stocking and real time farm management that has been seen in the industry to date. Fully automated recording of agricultural operations through our Cropio platform and real time stock levels through our IOT systems and sensors gives you more control than ever before. Real IOT systems for useful information. See real time updates of liquid levels on your farm. Fuel, water & liquid fertiliser tank levels are already among our most popular installs running currently. Managers can see ahead in a simple format to make sure the tanks are never empty when they are needed both at home and on remote sites that are not visited as regularly.

Saving You Time And Effiort

As much as everybody loves the exercise or sending a student into the shed to check grain temperatures and moisture throughout the crops time in storage, why not save your time and effort by using temperature probes linked back to your desktop to follow the trends. See your hotspots or rises before its too late! Advanced telematics for your entire fleet regardless of manufacturer. Simple to install, easy to use, automatically record operations. Use the sub minute positional updates to plan logistics at busy periods and avoid unnecessary trips. Be ahead of the operation and have trailers/seeds/fertiliser in the next location to avoid costly delays. Receive alerts when machines are stopped for certain times to check on employee safety-lone working practice.